ZP210: Signal Converter Incremental >>> Parallel

The performance of the signal converter ZP210 is the fast and exact conversion of incremental HTL / TTL / RS422 signals into parallel signals (binary, gray code, BCD format). The input can also be switched to start-stop signals or SSI signals. The fast and accurate signal conversion is complemented by a compact housing and an inexpensive price.

  • Pulse inputs A, B [HTL], A, / A, B, / B [RS422, HTL]
  • SSI input in the format DATA +, DATA-, CLOCK +, CLOCK- up to 32 bits
  • Start-stop interface for absolute transducers and magnetostrictive sensors
  • 3 control inputs (hold) for PNP signals [10 … 30 VDC]
  • Input frequency up to 1 MHz
  • 25-bit parallel output push-pull in BCD, binary or Gray code format
  • Power supply 18 … 30 VDC
  • Compact housing for mounting on 35 mm top-hat rail (according to EN 60715)
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