PanelView 5000 Graphic Terminals

Danh mục:


  • Includes Logix-based alarms to eliminate need for additional configuration
  • Achieves <100 ms response for machine jogging applications with a high-speed HMI button
  • Provides Logix tag extended property support to help develop richer context
  • Features a modern design with a slim, aluminum bezel
  • Allows for the ability to create custom, re-usable add-on graphics to more efficiently build your applications
  • Shares tags, alarms, and other data using Studio 5000 View Designer™ environment automatically
  • Offers emulator to test run a project without downloading to a physical terminal
  • Uses a built-in VNC server to support a remote VNC client for monitoring and troubleshooting

PanelView 5510 Graphic Terminals

  • Offers visualization solution for larger applications
  • Offers display sizes from 7…19 in. with wide screen, touch, and keypad options 
  • Supports 100 screens, connection to four controllers, and up to 4000 tag-based alarms per controller
  • Provides 1.46 GHz dual-core processor, 1 Gb RAM, 4 Gb flash

PanelView 5310 Graphic Terminals

  • Offers a right-sized visualization solution for smaller applications
  • Offers wide screen display sizes from 6…12 in.
  • Supports 100 screens, connection to one controller, and 1000 alarms
  • Provides 1.46 GHz processor, 1 Gb RAM, 4 Gb flash
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